Can Fishing Line Cut You. ? How to be Safe From Cuts.

Can fishing line cut you

Can a fishing line cut your hand. ? Many people around the world like fishing and they are curious about safety.  There are many types of fishing line available for fishing. Some lines are very sharp and some are not.

Sometimes it’s harmful for us. Because of our unconsciousness. Fishing lines can cut your fingers. If you are not using any safety equipment or if you are not careful. 
fishing line rarely can be cut. So do not be afraid about it. You can also be careful about the fish. Some types of fish also can cut you or bite on your finger or hand. if you read this blog you can know everything about it. This article provides 5 steps to avoid cuts. and what you do if unluckily fishing line cuts you.

Which Types Of Line Can Likely Cut You

Nylon, polyvinylidene, fluoride, fluorocarbon used to make fishing lines. These increase the durability of the fishing line and make it stronger. The thinner fishing line is most sharpest.
If you are using 0.15mm to 0.35mm fishing line it means the density of the line is very thin. More chances to unluckily cut your hand. So try to use a thick fishing line to avoid getting cut. But 0.15mm to 0.35mm is good for catching the middle size of fish like 0.5 to 4 KG.

Use a gloves or towel

This is most effective way to save your hand from fishing line. You can use full handed gloves or finger gloves. Gloves will protect your hand from  fish bite and fishing line cuts. But Some people find it difficult to use gloves because their hands get sweaty. If you wear gloves while fishing, fish saliva sticks to the gloves. It’s very annoying. so you can you use a soft towel for keep your finger safe

Do not put your finger on the fishing line

If you are fishing with a fishing rod, you will see. The fishing line is next to your hand. Be careful in this regard. Keep your hands out of the fishing line.

Handfishing can damage your hand

If you catch fish by handfishing. Then you have to be more careful. This time you will have all the control of the fishing line in your hands.

If the fish gets stuck on the hook. Then it will pull on the fishing line. So you have to be ready for it

Use fishing pliers to remove the fish hook

After catching fish. Be careful when removing the hook from the fish’s mouth. You can use fishing line cutter or fishing pliers to remove hook’s

My experience

A long time ago, me and my friend . gone to a river for boal fishing. Boal fish is caught by handfishing. My friend threw a fish hook in deep water for big size fish. And I threw my fishhook 10 feet away to me. for small fish. Unfortunately a carp fish gets stuck on the hook. Then it was pulled on the fishing line. And the fishing line cut my two fingers. It’s bloody and  very painful. I will never forget it. So be careful when fishing.

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