How to Fishing Without Hurting The Fish.

As many environmental revolutions are becoming aware day by day, so fishing without Hurting the Fish is one of the most considered things worldwide. Using long threads to pull up fish, fishing nets, or fishing rod reels are some well-known fish-hunting processes without hurting the fish. There are some process unhurtful processes to catch fish, like fishing with ducklings, fishing sitting on a pond, choice of gear, etc. Following are the descriptions for the reader’s concern.

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Fishing Without Hurting The Fish

Fish is a very good source of important food values like protein, vitamins, and minerals for people worldwide. consume this food daily. Some people buy from the market, some people cultivate by themselves. Basically, in western countries, people enjoy catching fish by themselves, moreover, they find it as the most amazing time spent activity. They find out different kinds of fish-catching techniques. Some of them come out as hurtful. Regarding this concern, today’s blog is going to discuss some processes to do fishing without hurting the fish.

Using Long Threads to Pull up fish.

The use of long threads in fresh water and the sea, the use of a long thread in the paddy fields and bells of the village, floating a long thread with a wooden thin stick, etc, are common examples of fishing. Fishes are attracted by natural or artificial baits or lured by planting saplings. With these, they even got into traps without hurting themselves. So this is a pure village method. Also, The city people of different countries, especially use this method of fishing as an entertaining method of spending vacation.

You Can Catch Fish by the Net.

You can use different kinds of nets to catch fish. Among them, the cast net is the most popular one. Shrimps, batfish, and pan-sized fish are the common victims of this cast net. This is used in professional fishing as well as in sports. Before using a net, you have to learn the throwing and hauling back techniques to catch fish. Fishing with a net is a safe way to catch fish because it does not hurt the fish.

Bamboo-Made Traps

In rural areas of different countries, different types of tears are made with bamboo sticks. It has different shapes. There is a technique to insert fish into it, but there is no way to get out. In rural areas, during floods during the rainy season, people get fishing traps. Among the different types of traps prevalent in different parts of sites, people use different kinds of herbs or insects to allure fishes. Sometimes they use tiny crabs or spiders. These traps are very innovative and do not hurt the fish.

Fishing With Ducklings

In the villages of Cambodia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, hunting fish with duck droppings is a routine practice. At first, the duckling is tied to a place near the bait of a spear and released into the water. Then the child may start calling out loudly in nature or fear. Hearing the call of the child, the fish came and swallowed the bait. Then the heavy fish with the child was pulled. And there is a lot of pressure on the baby’s stomach while pulling. Again, many times the big fish swallows the child with the bait. Although the experience of watching the scene is different, the pain of the child of laughter is bound to touch the heart. From Cambodia, other western countries have adopted the method for fishing, village people or people living in agriculture, sometimes use small ducklings to catch fish. Through this process, the fish don’t get hurt, but, this method has been regarded as a violent act towards animals, which is why many communities are trying to ban this process

Fishing Sitting on a Pole

In addition to The islands of some countries, there is a tradition of hunting fish by burying poles in some other islands. In this method, which has been going on for about a hundred years, first of all, a large pole has to be buried hard in the little water of the sea coast. There is a small seating place. Where a person can sit and hunt fish. Although the method is not very profitable, a small family goes away one day. By this method, the fish don’t get hurt, but you need to be a little bit strategic, that is it.

Avoiding Complicated Hook

We use different kinds of hooks while using threads to catch fish. It is important to avoid terrible and complicated hooks. However, the use of a J hook can be a smart choice for it. You may choose soft plastic or stainless steel as the material for the hook.

Proper Use of Hook Remover

Removing the hook is the most painful part for a fish. But while doing this, the fisherman has to be very cautious to release the pain of the fish. Sometimes it gets hard to remove a deep hook from the fish’s mouth. You can easily escape this situation by using forceps or long pilers.

The Right Choice of Gear

Always go for a gear that refers to shallow hooking and make sure that you are using it smoothly and not hurting the fish at all

Temperature of Water

This is the most important thing to be considered. Normally the water temperature remains 68-degree Fahrenheit, but if it goes a little bit above then that may become a stressor to the fish. So when you get ready to catch fish on a stream, try to maintain this particular temperature during summertime.

Hand Fishing

Hand fishing is the funniest and easiest technique of fishing without hurting the fish. You may get a better opportunity if you catch fish from a stream, or small pond, or your farm aquarium. You just need to stand in the water, and when you locate a fish just jump and catch it.


Fishes are an amazing creation by the Almighty. They just swim in the water. Though they have food values, we need them to fulfill our nutrition, but still, these are living things with a proper sense of feeling pain. So we have to be very careful while catching them. It is high time to change our thoughts, procedures, and methods to do fishing. Everything is developing, so why should not we just change our fishing methods? Let’s do this and make a friendly and hurt-free trap for the fish.

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