Surf fishing at night

Surf Fishing at Night Tips and Real Experience

Explanation of surf fishing

Surf fishing is a wide word that can refer to any form of shore fishing, whether it be on rocky or sandy beaches, rock jetties, or fishing piers. It may or may not also involve casting a lure or bait.

Benefits of surf fishing at night

  • Overnight, more fish gather near to eat.
  • Even at low tide, you have a better chance of catching larger fish.
  • Flocks of fish come to the shore
  • No swimmers or surfers to cause a disturbance.
  • And for those who are busy during the day, night fishing is a golden opportunity for them.

Preparing for a Nighttime Surf Fishing Trip

Equipment considerations

Surf Fishing Lighting

All you need is a soft red light, a bright flashlight and if you have a headlamp light it will help you a lot in tying the line or untying the line from the fish. You can also carry a light bulb that will act as a lamp

Rod and reel For Surf Fishing

You need multiple strong fishing rods that will help you handle all kinds of fish, big and small. And more important is the fishing reel, where you can use backlash baitcasting fishing reel for hassle-free fishing. Here are the best baitcasting fishing reel

Bait and lures for Surf


live bait: sand crabs, shrimp, sandworms, bloodworms, lugworms, crabs, sardines

Normal bait: clams, mussels, squid, shrimp, Small pieces of fish


Kastmaster spoon

jig and grub combo

pencil popper

Spro bucktail jig


Rapala X-Rap jerk bait

Diamond jig

Safety Gear for Surf Fishing

Surf fishing can be dangerous due to bad weather conditions. Lightning, oyster stings, fish bites, water splashes, and excess cold water can cause serious health hazards. Sometimes there are snakes in the water that can harm you. So you have to be careful.

Location considerations for Surf Fishing

There are many factors to consider

1. Water Depth: Look for places where the water depth drops quickly, these are the places where fish congregate to feed.

2. Structure: Look for areas with rocks, jetties, and other structures that provide cover and shelter for fish.

3. Tides: As certain tides are better for certain types of fish

4. Weather and wind: weather and wind conditions, they can greatly affect where and how fish will be feeding.

5. Beach and Sand: Look for beaches that have sand in the bottom this will provide a better surface for casting and retrieving lures.

By following these factors you can increase your chances of finding best spot for surf fishing.

Weather forecast

Good and bad fishing days are considered depending on weather conditions. Surf fishing at night on a rainy day is a bit more of a hassle. Some days the fish are more active and some days the fish don’t come to the shore. so you have to need a good day

Best time of year

The two most productive times of the year for surf fishing, spring and fall, are generally when the fish prefer to be in slightly warmer water and tend to move in groups toward shore. 

Best rig to use in Surf Fishing

Although there are many rigs for surf fishing but must preferred rig is Fish Finder, Dropper Loop Rig, and Spider Hitch Rig.

Frequent Question and Answer

1. What is the best length for surf fishing?

between 10 and 12 feet

2. Can you surf fish with lures at night?

Yes, you can surf fish with lures at night.

3. Is it better to surf fish in the morning or at night?

The best time of day to surf fish is usually the first few hours around dawn the final few hours around dusk.

4. What color lures do you use at night?

dark-colored worm like black and blue or Junebug.

5. What’s the best bait for surf fishing?

Fresh squid, and cut bait

6. Do fish bite in heavy surf?

Absolutely! You will be able to catch a lot of fish in a rough surf


Surf fishing at night can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it’s important to pay attention to tides, moon phase, and the type of bait or lures you are using, to increase the chances of catching fish. Safety also vary important.

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